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Virtually Painless Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal designed for maximum results with minimum discomfort!

Minimal pain:
Tattoo removal starts with a consultation with our cosmetic physician who can assist in making your tattoo removal treatment virtually painless. Almost all of our clients elect to have a local anaesthetic. Clients who have had previous treatments at other clinics are unanimously relieved to find an almost painless alternative!

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Superior technology:
Our system offers highly effective tattoo removal using the Q-Switched ND:YAG laser. This is the gold standard and has been used to successfully treat thousands of tattoos. Featuring both 1064 and 532 nm wavelengths, our laser system efficiently targets a variety of pigment colours, including black, blue, green and red and orange.

Number of treatments:
Based on an established treatment scale, we can estimate the number of treatments you will require. This will depend on the amount of ink, type of ink, skin type and position on your body. Lower levels of ink and good circulation will have a positive impact on the rapid clearance of your tattoo.

How it works:
The Q-Switched ND:YAG releases light energy at the rate of nanoseconds and selectively targets ink molecules within the tattoo, breaking the molecules into smaller particles.  These particles can then be cleared by your body’s natural immune system. You will see both instant fading at the time of treatment as well as gradual fading in the weeks following your treatment.

The treatment procedure:
The laser tattoo removal treatment can take on average around 30 minutes, depending on the surface area of the tattoo being targeted. Discomfort during the treatment can usually be eliminated by the use of local anaesthetic. Immediately after the treatment, redness and swelling may occur, but will generally subside within 48 hours. Pinpoint bleeding may also occur particularly in the early treatments when a surgical dressing will be applied to give additional protection.

The cost of the laser treatment will depend on the size and time taken for the treatment.  Most tattoos will require 15 to 30 minutes.  There is no additional fee for consultations or for the administration of anaesthetic.

Great results:
The healing of the tattoo requires 1 – 2 weeks and the area can be retreated approximately one month later. Whilst scarring does not occur with the Q-Switched laser, changes in skin texture and colour may occur. These changes are generally not permanent and the skin is expected to return to normal over several months. Your tattoo removal treatment will give you excellent results in just 6-12 treatments.

Fast fading, forget pain…

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