Moles & Skin Lesions

mole removal beforeDermagen Clinic uses the latest radio frequency technology to remove unsightly moles, skin tags and other skin lesions.

Dermagen is up to date on the latest techniques for removal of viral warts as well as removal of common warty lesions known as seborrhoeic keratosis, make an appointment with our cosmetic physician to assess today.

Our mole removal treatments are preformed by a cosmetic physician, producing excellent cosmetic results.  It does not require incision or stitches and is virtually painless.


Quick, simple and painless mole & skin lesion removal

Dermagen Clinic’s Surgitron RF technology uses high frequency radio wave technology to specifically target effected cells.  Radiolase is a relatively painless procedure that is typically used to remove raised skin lesions such as moles and verrucas.

The main advantage of Surgitron RF treatment it that it is very targeted with only minimal, if any, penetration into surrounding healthy skin.  It is superior to both laser and plastic surgery and provides the best possible cosmetic result.

Radiolase is simple and relatively painless treatment for the removal of moles & skin lesions.  The Surgitron machine is used to shave the lesion.  There is generally no bleeding because the machine seals the blood vessels as it removes the lesion and in only a couple of weeks, there will be no trace of the mole.


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