UltraTherme Body

Advanced radio frequency technology

cellulute and fat reductionOur advanced UltraTherme treatment uses powerful radio frequency technology to plump the skin and produce excellent rejuvenation results. It is a targeted, non-invasive treatment that can strengthen collagen and produce younger looking skin.

The treatment is ideal for tightening skin on the face, neck and hands. It also produces great results on loose skin on the arms and abdomen.  The treatment is ideal for people who have recently lost weight or post pregnancy mothers.

Ideal treatment for those who have recently lost weight!

UltraTherme is an ideal treatment for those who have recently lost weight, or for post pregnancy mothers.  It uses radio frequency to penetrate deeply to help smooth and tighten loose skin.  Great results can be achieved on the abdomen as well as the upper arms, thighs, hips, and hands.

A package of 3 treatments is recommended at 3-4 week intervals.


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