Clinic Policies

Dermagen Clinic is committed to providing non-surgical cosmetic, medical and paramedical treatments that are clinically and scientifically based. The safety of these treatments is our highest priority. We aim to provide our clients with the best outcomes using as little intervention as possible. Our highly trained staff work in partnership with our clients to ensure the best choices are made regarding treatment options and desired result.


Cancellation Policy

Except in circumstances beyond your control, you must provide us with at least 24 hours notice of appointment cancellation. Failure to give Dermagen Clinic the requisite notice will result in the session in question being forfeited without the right to a refund, if you have paid for the session in advance; OR

If you consistently fail to attend appointments without providing notice of cancellation, Dermagen Clinic reserves the right to cancel all subsequent pre-booked appointments without a refund.


Late arrivals

We pride ourselves on offering a timely service to our customers. So, to prevent delays for other clients, if you are running 10 minutes late or more for your appointment, Dermagen Clinic reserves the right to deduct the corresponding amount of treatment time from your session. For example: If you are 15 minutes late for an appointment, Dermagen Clinic may, at its discretion, deduct 15 minutes from your session time. If you are running more than 20 minutes late for an appointment, you will be deemed to have cancelled your appointment.



Dermagen Clinic does not provide refunds for unwanted or unused sessions which have been paid for in advance.